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Night Sky

Image credit: Kubo Takaho

Moon and Jupiter

Image Credit: Betul Turksoy

Moon, Venus and  Mars

Image credit: Judy Schmidt

Saturn and Moon

Image credit: Tunc Tezel (TWAN)

Gibbous Moon

image credit: Paul Stewart

Gibbous Moon

image credit: Paul Stewart

South Moon by


Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) streaming through the pale neon sky over Paranal on 20 January 2015. The Pleiades, a tight bundle of electric blue, also appear in the direction of Lovejoy’s tail.

Credit: ESO/G. Hüdepohl (

Conjunction at Sunset (Moon and Venus)

Image Credit: Stefano De Rosa

Aldebaran, Venus, Jupiter and Pleiades – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Image credit: Luis Argerich