can u explain to me the anthropic principle pl…

can u explain to me the anthropic principle pls? I tried to understand but i cant

I had even forgotten about it, I had to research to remember, it’s a bit complicated to understand. In cosmology the anthropic Principle states that any theory or observation of the universe must be compatible with the conscious life (for example, we human beings). This would explain the characteristics of our universe, the physical laws, their age, etc., necessary to accommodate the conscious life (of a physical consciousness or not!), and to propitiate the “poissibility” of having an observer. The anthropic principle is divided into some properties:

Strong Anthropic Principle: The Universe must be such that it can contain observers, at some stage in its evolution.

Weak Anthropic Principle: The Universe behaved in such a way that it could contain us. In other words, the physical and cosmological quantities we observe need to assume values ​​consistent with the emergence of carbon-based life.

Final Anthropic Principle: The Universe aims to produce living beings, or humans.

Participatory Anthropic Principle: The existence of observers gives existence to the Universe.

It’s complicated enteder, I read a few things, but I did not completely understand, I suggest you research this on reliable sites. Maybe I may not have explained it right, but I hope I have helped in something.