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Real Photos of Earth

When you spend your entire life glued to the surface by gravity, it’s easy to detach from the wider universe and forget that your home is a giant sphere of rock, hurtling through space. Images like this give us a perspective not possible from the ground, of a planet just as unique and breathtakingly beautiful as all the others in our solar system.

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, orbiting at a distance of 150 million kilometres. It exhibits versatile and ever-changing features such as mountains, volcanoes, valleys, canyons, and plains, and unlike the other terrestrial planets, it is an ocean planet, with liquid water covering 70% of its surface. It has no rings, one Moon, and over 2,000 artificial satellites in orbit. 

It is the only known planet to harbour life.

(Image Credit: ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers / JPL)